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The Register of Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
A new register setting the standard for evidence-based therapy in the UK

The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
I studied hypnotherapy (specifically hypno-CBT) at here with Don Robertson. Don Robertson is a philosopher turned cognitive hypnotherapist who teaches a very solid course on evidence based hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavioural therapy.
Donald's scientific minded, rigorous approach combined with his passion and intellectual depth are much needed in the field of hypnotherapy.

Probably the best yoga centre in Europe. Inspired? Generally. But some teachers a lot more in touch with the essence of yoga than others.

Sally Kempton - Meditation Teacher (aka Durgananda)
Sally, aka Durgananda, is an articulate, deeply knowledgeable and passionate meditation teacher. I've known her personally many years and was involved in publishing her book The Heart of Meditation. She is a regular contributor in Yoga Journal. Inspired? Very much so!

Carlos Pomeda - Yoga Philosophy Teacher

Carlos is undoubtedly one of the world's leading yoga philosophy teachers - combining his in-depth academic study and knowledge with inside experience of the heart of the yoga tradition. His workshops on tantra philosophy and Kashmir Shaivism are not to be missed.
Also see his Wisdom of Yoga DVD Series - which is used as course material on many teacher training programmes.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in London
With CBH trained therapist Tim Grimwade

Hypnotherapy Surrey
Colleague and author Michael Cohen's practice. Michael has 27 years experience as a hypnotherapist. He's helped many many people with a wide range of issues. He also wrote and published the excellent self-help book "The Power of Accepting Yourself"

David Taylor Hypnotherapy - hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in East and Central London

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy - Harley Street
Colleague John Greig offers evidence-based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy in Harley Street for a wide range of issues.

Hypnotherapy Glasgow - Alyson Dunlop's hypnotherapy practice in Glasgow.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling in East London - with Malin Lindholm

Yoga Classes - Yotopia yoga and Pilates studio in central London.
Variety of yoga and Pilates classes including hot yoga. Pilates classes including hot yoga.

Splash Web Design - internet website design service based in Hinckley

Anusara Yoga in the UK with Bridget Woods-Kramer
Bridget Woods-Kramer is a certified Anusara teacher living in Cornwall England who often teaches in London.

All your hypnosis questions answered /Hypnosis_Answers.php

Online Counseling - affordable online counseling service Building self esteem and self confidence with tips, free courses, recommended books and lots more!

reflexzonetherapeut Eindhoven

Motivational Speakers, Training Experts, Keynote Speakers
Barry Maher is a motivational keynote speaker, seminar leader & trainer with presentations on sales, leadership, communication, management, yellow pages advertising design. Las Vegas, Nevada; San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California; Orlando; New York; Chicago, etc.

Use Nature - Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory - Your One-Stop Body - Mind - Spirit - Resource >> find Practitioners, Clinics, Products, Colleges, Peace initiatives, Articles, Self Help and more... - a good resource for information about Natural Health and Alternative Medicine on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles, free Newsletters and descriptions of many of the most important Natural Health and Alternative Medicine Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

NLP Hypnotherapy
Manchester, UK based Master NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist offering assistance with a range of emotional, confidence and motivational issues.

Hypnotherapy Los Angeles; Create a Better You, Therapeutic Hypnosis: John McGrail provides professional and compassionate care, helping you rid yourself of undesired or negative behaviors, habits, emotional issues and limiting beliefs; Improve your performance in sports, school, or career; balance your spiritual energy; create a better you!

Power Journeys Hypnosis - Los Angeles: Lynda Malerstein, Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist - based in Los Angeles.

Robert Matthews Hypnotherapy London: offering hypnosis to stop smoking, plus A-Z of problems from panic attacks to depression.. Trained by the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center of NY

Psychlinks Health and Mental Health Resources Directory Directory

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK Directory.

Online Relationship Advice
Walter is a good intuitive counsellor based in California.

Hypnosis Japan - Stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence, manage stress, sleep soundly, relaxed public speaking, and more. Tokyo, Japan. Hypnosis for positive change.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney - Provides the guidance and support for you to make positive changes in your life

Los Angeles Psychotherapy, Life Coach & Marriage Counselling in LA
Offers marriage counseling and therapy as well as anger management and life coaching in the Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills.

Human Trinity Hypnotherapy with Chaplain Paul G Durbin

Hypnosis World: Learn about Hypnosis, Hypnotism & Hypnotherapy from experienced Stage Hypnotist & Motivational Hypnotherapist - Grant Boddington.

Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles
Get the hypnotherapy help in Los Angeles. Stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fears, succeed, boost self esteem and improve your life with Hypnotherapy.

Cambridge Hypnotherapy:
- Paul, Joseph and Luke of Cambridge Hypnotherapy, combine their expertise in hypnotherapy using hypnosis with advanced levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Professional Manchester Hypnotherapist, NLP Therapist, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach in the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire area: Nigel Magowan offers help with anxiety and panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, stopping smoking, weight control, unwanted habits, fears and phobias, confidence and self esteem, memory, study habits and much more. 

Danni Phillips Hypnotherapy London

Robert Otto Hypnosis:
"A large resource of information on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosis training, CD's, DVD's, free scripts, trance music, professional hypnosis directory, articles on hypnosis and associated links.

International Association of Counselors and Therapists:
The International Association of Counselors and Therapists is a premier association for holistic practitioners that provides a forum where members may exchange ideas, information, techniques and methodologies.

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association:

The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association is a Referral Service dedicated to providing the community with excellently trained Certified Hypnotherapists. These Certified Hypnotherapists will work harmoniously with allied healthcare professionals to aid individuals in dealing with specific challenges and procedures.

International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists:
The International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists, parent company of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, is one of the largest international complementary healthcare organizations in the world.

Hypnotherapy Sheffield: Hypnotherapy and NLP in Sheffield (S6) with Gary Dunmore  (HPD, DipH, DipNLP)

Therapist Website Directory

Gym Equipment
One of the leading independent Fitness Equipment & Gym Equipment suppliers in the UK

Hypnotherapy Derbyshire, UK
Specialising in Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence and Phobia;

Personal Training London
Leading Celebrity Personal Trainer in London offers Personal Training for Fitness, Strength, Sports, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Weight Gain & more.

life coaching

Life Coaching Studio assists you to find a life coach from where you will be able to meet your life coaching needs and also get the best Life coach training.

Modern Hypnotherapy - Effective Hypnotherapy in Surrey and South London - Richard Stone

How to be a successful hypnotherapist
Free NLP Hypnotherapy Home Study Course sent Worldwide. All types of hypnotherapy sessions carried out.

Healing Intent Health and Healing resources to help you accelerate your vitality, wellness and energy.... Articles, links, coaching, courses, news, reports. (not present on Dec 31 2008)

Digitally mastered Hypnosis Tapes & CD's from Diviniti Publishing Ltd.
Powerful Hypnosis Tapes & CDs. The UK's Best Selling self-help Hypnosis tapes (source: Amazon & Whittaker Book Track UK audio chart). Free scripts, hypnotic MP3 audio samples & spirals. (not present on Dec 31 2008) - Achieve results FAST with powerful self-hypnosis audio! Stop smoking, improve ADD/ADHD, immune functions and memory with self-hypnosis and sound therapy!

Integral Hypnosis
- Boston area hypnotherapy and philosophical counseling practice. Integrating hypnosis with broad range of philosophical perspectives including pragmatism, existentialism, Taoism, and many others. Distance sessions via telephone are also available.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Midlands. Imagine if you could stop smoking easily and quickly. Imagine there was someone with a proven track record that helped most of his clients stop in just one session.Call Freephone 0800 612 6354 to stop smoking right now.

How to find the best hypnotherapy training

My Deep Meditation: covers most aspects of meditation.

Ask the Internet Therapist:
Distance therapy and counselling

Stress Education Centre: Learn how to control your stress and discover how organizations can be more productive

Hypnotherapy Equipment UK Limited


CBT Hypnosis Association

CBT therapist & counsellor in Bristol
: Stella Dass

Oxford Hypnotherapy

No more stage fright - a safe environment to overcome your fear of public speaking. - support for those working toward recovery from panic disorder and agoraphobia.

Hypnotherapy in London - cognitive hypnotherapy (hypno-cbt) with registered therapist, Mark Davis, in Central and North London

Robert Otto and Institute of Dynamic Hypnosis

Aikido Philosophy
Learn about Aikido as a discipline offering a bridge that facilitates travel between the domains of body, emotions, human relationship, and spirit.

Stop Smoking in 1 hour - with Max Kirsten (London)

Hypno-Soft - Self-Hypnosis software

Self-Hypnosis Hypnotherapy - Hypnotize Yourself  Learn how to hypnotize yourself and make powerful changes in your life with our free online training tutorial.

Hypnotherapy Scotland - Hypnosis Perth - with John Moonie

stammering help

Dr. Nancy Irwin - Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist 

Daryl Wilkinson - Counselling Hypnotherapist and Performance Coach. Strategies for Stress Management and more. Melbourne, Australia.  - Hypnotherapy with Rick Collingwood 

Hypnotherapy for Health - Seek help via hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Get treatment for stress, anxiety, or maybe to stop smoking. Find all the information you need on this site.  

Visit Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Directory


Los Angeles Marriage Counseling, Life Coach, Psychotherapy, Counseling LA
Offers marriage counseling and therapy as well as anger management and life coaching in the Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills


Marriage Counseling & Therapist Network

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy - A Hypnotherapy Clinic based in Kew, Vic, Australia.

Hypnotherapy for eating and weight Bristol and London
Expert and effective cognitive, behavioural and emotional therapy for all issues including weight loss, comfort eating, binge eating, orthorexia and exercise obsession / aversion. Interesting free resources.




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Soul Therapy: Bristol Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss, Healing, Life-Change Seminars

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