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Here you'll find a free MP3 self-hypnosis recording for relaxation and to boost confidence, so you can get a taste of what hypnosis is like, also there are talks about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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Self-Hypnosis MP3 download
for Relaxation and Confidence

Here's a free MP3 for self-hypnosis to help you relax and boost your confidence - this is 10 minute recording that is surprisingly powerful. There is a relatively brief induction and a classic staircase deepener - followed by brief suggestions to your subconscious that are based on Professor John Hartland's Ego Strengthening technique which he used very effectively for many many years.

Download free self-hypnosis MP3 for relaxation and confidence (10 MB)

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Read about the importance of building confidence and treatment approaches to developing confidence and self-esteem



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Self-Hypnosis for Social Confidence

Deep Relaxation and Stress Release

Self-Hypnosis for Emotional Acceptance

Self-Hypnosis for Healing


Talks on Hypnotherapy - free MP3s

Here's a brief talk about Cognitive Hypnotherapy - what it's based on in terms of classical psychology and how it is practiced:

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy - MP3 (12MB)

Here's a brief talk about the evidence for the therapeutic uses of hypnosis - or what is known as "hypnotherapy" - with excerpts from the official reports by the British Medical Association, The British Psychological Society and The British Medical Journal. Most people don't realise hypnotherapy has been studied and endorsed in these reports.

Evidence for and official recognition of Hypnotherapy - MP3 (6MB)


Interested in learning hypnotherapy?

If you are interested in learning hypnotherapy and taking a hypnotherapy training course then I strongly recommend the courses where I trained - at The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Offering both a one day Learn Self-Hypnosis Workshop, a one week Certificate Course in Hypnotherapy and a 21 day Hypnotherapy Diploma in Certificate (1 week) and a Diploma (3 weeks) these courses represent the most up to date approaches that integrate cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy. The prinicipal of the college, Donald Robertson, is a leading author on hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. The training courses cover cognitive behavioural therapy in comprehensive yet very accessible way - ensuring that everyone that takes the course - from complete beginners retraining for a new career to experienced clinical psychologists learns best practise for assessment, treatment programme design and delivery in a cognitive behavioural approach to hypnotherapy.



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